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Exterior painting

Maintaining the exterior of a property should be high on any homeowners’ priorities. 

Why?  Well, the expense of replacing windows and doors is hardly ever covered by the family budget. And, very few people even give a thought to the soffits and facias, which are just as important!  It can be very costly having to completely replace, when maintaining would have given everything a much longer life span.

I believe the front of your house is a statement of your personality. It says something about you.  From the colour of your door, to the style of letter box.  All elements contribute in giving that person knocking on your door their first impression of you. 

If your house is looking tired and neglected, with dirty windows, paint flaking, with plastic gutters and fall pipes green as they haven’t been cleaned; what perception are your visitors going to get?

So, the outside of your property needs some urgent TLC.  I know exactly what’s going through your head … “but where do I start”?

You look up painters and decorators on the internet. You look at sites like Checkatrade, Trust-a-Trader, and MyBuilder.  You read reviews and do your research.  You make a list of the companies you feel are best suited to you.

My advice would be to contact five or six of them by whatever method you’re comfortable, phone, text, email, etc.  Don’t be surprised if one or two don’t get back to you. Arrange for the ones who do respond to come out and look at your property.

A few questions you may want to ask include;  what products do they propose to use; what the process will be; will you need scaffolding; how will they ensure windows will not be painted shut; and how they will want paying.

If you have areas that are high, it WILL need scaffolding. Anyone who says “I’ll do it off my big ladders” may be an experienced professional.  However, from past experience, if a painter is on the top rung with a long brush, they obviously haven’t prepped it correctly as they couldn’t reach to do so.

And, there in lays the problem.  Eventually that area will fail and rot.  If this does happen then …
You  will HAVE to get it scaffolded; then
You  will HAVE to get a joiner in to repair the area; before
You HAVE to get another decorator to prep and paint it properly.

Saving money by not using scaffolding, is not always SAVING in the longer term.

Below are photos of where people have thought they were saving money…

 Don’t let this happen to  you!  If you have any external paintwork that needs taking care of, please feel free to get in touch. I would be happy to advise you and provide a free quote.

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