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Kitchen Renovations: Buy new or save time and money and spray your existing units?

Your kitchen is arguably THE most important room in your house.  It’s the heart of the home.  Whether you’re a family who love cooking and socialising in your kitchen space or its simply a functional room, how it looks can seriously affect the mood of everyone.  You may even have stopped inviting guests around because you’re embarrassed of your kitchen.

If you’re selling or buying a home, the kitchen has a massive effect on the outcome.  If buyers perceive that they are going to need to replace the kitchen it can knock £0000s off the sale price.  A dull, dark kitchen is impossible to disguise and make look better.

You could invest the time and money to have a whole new kitchen installed, but most people have to plan for years to be able to take that action.

There is another option.  If you have a well laid out kitchen that has retained its quality over the years but needs a serious lift to bring joy back into the home, then having your existing units spray painted is the answer.

Imagine those dull, dark units, looking bright, clean and contemporary… what a difference that would make to your life!  A kitchen you are happy to be in and proud to show off to your family and friends.  A kitchen people walk into and say “Wow”!

Units can be sprayed in whatever colour you wish, with a matt or a gloss finish.  Many people who have had dark wood units choose white or a very light colour.  But others choose a colour they personally love. If the paint can be mixed (and there are literally thousands of colours which can be created), your kitchen units can be that colour.

Having a new kitchen fitted could take a week or longer.  The disruption to your life in that time is not to be underestimated.  You have to temporarily house all the contents of the whole kitchen somewhere else in the house.  It causes most people a massive headache.

Spray painting a kitchen doesn’t cause much disruption at all and, depending on size, may only take a couple of days.  What an excuse for a take-away or to go out for dinner…

Many people ask us what the process is for spraying an existing kitchen, so we thought we’d detail it here for you.

Step 1:           We carry out an on-site inspection to look for any issues that will need addressing before any work begins

Step 2:           We remove doors (on a large kitchen we would do it in sections)

Step 3:           We degrease and key the surfaces that are to be sprayed

Step 4:           We mask up and protect all areas not to be sprayed

Step 5:           We spray on an adhesion primer

Step 6:           The doors are taken away to be sprayed off site

Step 7:           We spray two coats of the paint of your choice onto the surfaces

Step 8:           We then de-mask and check areas for any over spray

Step 9:           The doors are then rehung, and you have your gorgeous new kitchen

It really is that straight forward. 

To find out more, or to get a quote please just contact us.  We’ve added some photos below so you can see the process in action!



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