Want to change the colour of your UPVC windows and doors?

It is possible – and to any colour you wish…

As a time served decorator (I won’t tell you just how many decades), I’ve seen the change in windows and doors.  From wood, to aluminium, to UPVC; I remember driving along one day thinking how a portion of my business was disappearing quickly as there’d soon be no windows or doors to paint. How wrong was I!

The products have taken a little while in development, but its now possible to have your UPVC painted any colour you want.

However. And it’s a BIG however… many over the counter products say they are suitable, and they will initially look like they’ve worked, but they won’t stand a jet wash or harsh weather over a decent period of time.

Only specialised paints should be used on UPVC. Paints that chemically bond to the surface, after a specific preparation process recommended by the paint manufacturer. These paints are more like automotive paints. The Market leader is Kolorbond and they give a ten-year guarantee, if their instructions are followed to the letter. The paint dries in minutes and allows 3 coats to sprayed in a short space of time.

As with many decorating jobs, it’s the preparation which is the most time-consuming element. The masking up, to protect the glass and the surrounding building; the preparation of the surface to be painted; and then the demasking once the paint is dried.

(It would be wrong of me here not to mention that although Kolorbond is my product of choice, there are many other brands of paint which will also work such as Selemix, Lechler and HMG.)

The issue with the over the counter brands is that the product doesn’t bond to the surface. These primers and paints just don’t have the necessary science behind them. On one of the decorators’ forums I belong to there were photos of a window which had a fellow decorator had painted in this way. When the windows were jet washed by the homeowner, the paint simply peeled away with the force of the water. One unhappy customer and one decorator wondering what they’d done wrong!

Spraying windows with the correct product isn’t cheap, but it costs a fraction of the cost of replacing them and when done right, it only needs to be done once.

So, if you want to rejuvenate the exterior look of your property and have coloured windows and doors, I would highly recommend engaging a professional who knows their products. And, after reading this blog, I hope you will feel confident in what you need to ask them to be sure that they do.

If you have any questions or comments on this topic, please feel free to get in touch.

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